The Ministry of Evangelist Chris Miller


Chris Miller (leaning)Chris Miller Ministries, INC is a revival ministry of Evangelist Chris Miller.  My heartbeat is revival and evangelism through local independent Baptist churches.  The ministry theme is Faith for Revival.  Faith is the missing element in accessing the revival that God wants to send.  We must believe God that He can revive our churches and save the lost in today’s time.  As a fundamentalist, I understand that churches and ministries must maintain a separation from worldly influences.



In December of 1995 Cheri and I were married after I had been doing the work of an Evangelist for a year through the ministry of the Bill Rice Ranch.  Cheri, willingly joined these efforts and started traveling just two weeks after being married.  She is a vital part of the ministry of evangelism.  My wife, Cheri, helps me fulfill God’s calling as an evangelist.  She home schools the children, runs the “Kids Clubs” in our meetings and is a homemaker on the road in a fifth wheel trailer.  We have firm convictions to stay and travel together as a family.



The family is vitally important to us, therefore, by conviction we have traveled together since the children were born.  We have a wonderful time making memories as a family as we serve the Lord together.  The children are beginning to have a larger part in the music in our services.  They sing in the services as a group, play instrumental offertories and the oldest helps lead the singing in kid’s club.


Home Church

We are sent out from an local New Testament Independent Baptist Church. Our home church is Spring Meadow Baptist Church in Franklin, TN. Pastor Steve Schwanke has been our pastor since 2003.  We have purposely placed ourselves under the authority and accountability of our local church and leadership of our pastor.  Please click on the following link to hear a quick audio recommendation from our pastor. Pastor Schwanke’s Recommendation

“Chris and Cheri have been faithful members of Spring Meadow Baptist Church for a number of years, and it is a great blessing to have them as part of this work! When home, the Millers faithfully attend services, and are very willing servants in the work of the ministry. Chris and Cheri have both been a great help by getting involved whenever possible, and doing whatever needs to be done whether that involves teaching a Sunday School class, or helping us reach souls for Christ on visitation.”

It is evident to the church family that Chris’ life is consistent with his Biblical, Spirit-filled preaching. Chris clearly has a passion to walk with God himself, and is striving to train up his children in the way they should go. Chris has filled the pulpit at Spring Meadow many times, and God has used his preaching to impact lives for Christ in this local church. A few years back we had a wonderful week of meetings with Chris, and I am looking forward to our next one!”

I can assure you that you will appreciate the Biblical, practical, preaching of Brother Miller. Having observed his life, and his family, I heartily recommend that you to consider having him for meetings.”

Pastor Stephen Schwanke
Spring Meadow Baptist Church

We give all the praise and glory to God for using us in the ministry of evangelism. We are eager to see what God has for us in the future. More than ever we have burden for revival and evangelism!

Thank you so much for your interest in this ministry. For more information about this ministry please read our beliefs or contact us.