Two Huge Announcements!!

//Two Huge Announcements!!

Announcement #1

It is hard to believe that our second child is graduating from high school. Emily, our only girl, will be graduating as a satellite student from Bill Rice Christian Academy. You are invited to come. If you are able to come, please reply to this email. The information concerning the ceremony is found below.

(For our second HUGE announcement scroll to the bottom of this post.)

Good News Baptist Church

Located in Chesapeake, VA, this church runs about 350 people. There were legitimate, personal decisions that made some serious impact in people’s lives and relationships. Many experienced personal revival. Pastor Ascher told me that the following Sunday evening they had a tremendous testimony service. There were so many testimonies of revival that he had to close the service because of time constraints. We praise God for His working!


Dry Run Independent Baptist Church

As we crested the hill (mountain by some standards) we came across a large brick building which is home to Dry Run Independent Baptist Church. This is a church with a history of revival all the way back into the 1950’s. God blessed with one saved that week and many good decisions by Christians.


The church is also home to Beacon of Truth Ministries which prints and sends Bibles all around our globe. They provide free of charge John & Romans to missionaries on the foreign field. The church is pastored by John Leatherman who has been there 25 years. We look forward to returning to this church in 2018.

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Martinsville Baptist Church

We were so thankful to be back with Dr. David Zempel and the people of Martinsville Baptist Tabernacle. This pastor has a heart for God to work, not only in his church, that averages over 300, but also in the community. We are thankful for a soul saved following one of the services as well as another gaining assurance.


I also had the opportunity to preach chapels for the elementary and high school. There were many good decisions in the high school especially.

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Announcement #2

We are thrilled to make our gospel DVD available to you. Because of some donations, we are able to go forward with this project. This brief video will clearly explain the simple plan of salvation. It is an evangelistic tool that will help you effectively reach your family members, neighbors, and your city.

You can go to this link to view the main track: “Will I See You In Heaven?

Included in this DVD are three tracks.

  1. The gospel presentation.
  2. Amazing Stories of Amazing Grace, where real people tell their story of salvation. There is a former Hindu, a former motorcycle gang member, and other life-changing stories.
  3. A followup video explaining what a new believer should do next.

This video has already been used to see people saved and can help you win the lost too. Who have you been praying for to be saved that could use this straightforward presentation of the gospel?

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