Souls, Services & Septic Tanks!

//Souls, Services & Septic Tanks!

Soul Winning Conferences

Berean Baptist Church in Whitehouse, TN is where we held our second Soul Winning Conference for this year. Under the leadership of Pastor Joe Lang, the people were moved to win souls for Christ. God blessed with a record turn out for door-to-door visitation and one soul saved on the outreach. We also had a tremendous Friend Day with several visitors and souls saved.

Soul Winning Training at the Bill Rice Bible Institute


The Bill Rice Bible Institute is in its second year. I had the privilege to teach on presenting the gospel to a great group of students. We had good questions with great discussions on how to clearly give out the gospel. We are excited to announce that our daughter, Emily, will be attending the BRBI this fall.

Students in the Bahamas


We had the privilege to be with our friend Cranston Knowles in the Bahamas where I had a unique opportunity to speak in a public school. Before we began, the leaders of the school gathered the speakers together to have a word of prayer thanking God for the shed blood of the Lord Jesus, and asking for the Holy Spirit’s power! It was like a prayer at a revival meeting. Then the principal said, “I did not choose you to be here today, nor did anyone on the school board, but God did.” Wow! This was at a public school. She encouraged us to share the Bible and pray with the students.

I preached the gospel to about thirty juniors and seniors for an entire hour. Eight indicated that they were trusting Christ as Savior!

Septic Tank Saga!

We got stuck!

truck stuck

We found where a septic tank used to be years ago on the property of Grace Baptist Church in Columbus, GA. The left rear wheel of the truck sunk down all the way to the axle. We called for a heavy duty tow truck to remove us from the miry pit. She, the tow truck driver, (you read that right) said we could wench it out of the hole. However, as the tow truck began to slowly pull our truck, with the trailer attached, it did not come out of the hole, but it created a trench about 20 inches deep and two tires wide for about six feet! After trying a second time the truck came out onto solid ground.

As I drove forward the trailer missed the trench but made a hole of its own. All three of the trailer tires sunk down to the axle. The trailer was so tilted we thought it was going to tip over. The driver called for another truck to come to help ensure it would not tip over. While waiting for the second truck I was asked to go preach for the youth rally scheduled that night. I preached on the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace (I think the furnace was an old septic tank). I preached on trusting God and surrendering to Him unconditionally. I believe I was preaching to my family the most that night. We really thought the trailer was going to tip over and we would lose everything.


After preaching I went back out to the trailer situation. As we tried to pull the trailer out it only created another man-made trench about fifteen feet long. Finally, after popping and cracking and bending and straining we found solid ground and the trailer came out.

In the midst of our testing time, God was working to save souls. Four teens trusted Christ that night. Eight men received Christ the next day at a special evangelistic lunch. On Sunday four more responded in the invitation and were saved. Later in the week three others came to know the Lord. All total we had 19 saved!

That night of the sinking trailer came and went. The Lord saw us through and we only suffered minor damages to the unit instead of losing all that we had. God is good even in the septic tanks of life.

trailer trench

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