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The New York City Outreach is an opportunity to see souls saved!

Each year since 9/11, a group from the Bill Rice Ranch has met together in Manhattan, NY, to give the gospel in the subway system. We set up a “Prayer Station,” where we encourage people to stop and let us pray for their needs. Even busy people will stop to pray for family, health, finances, and many other burdens in their life. After we pray with them, we ask if we can share the most important information they need to know for life. Most of the people who let us pray with them will allow us to give them the gospel.

So many stories could be told about the over 850 people who have been saved through the years. One mom stopped to get some literature and ask for prayer.  After I prayed with her, I explained the gospel and she trusted Jesus Christ as her Savior!  She was so relieved that she knew where she was going when she died.  However, immediately afterward, she was burdened for her little girl. I gave her daughter a story CD for children that gives the gospel.

One year, there was a couple heading to the abortion clinic. The lady had prayed that morning, “God, if you don’t want me to do this show me a sign.” On their way to the clinic, they saw a prayer station. She stopped and asked for prayer. Mary Rice prayed with her and began to give the gospel. While the lady was receiving the gospel, Dr. Bill Rice III was witnessing to the man. That day they both were saved! The baby in the womb was also physically kept from that abortion. God had prepared their hearts as well as ours to meet that day.

Will you pray about joining us for this special outreach with the Bill Rice Ranch? Please contact us if you are interested about this great soul-winning opportunity.


Suport our Team Members

If you are unable to join us, but would be burdened to help our team members with the cost of this special missions trip to NYC, we have made it possible for you to donate toward the trip.