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Step No. 1 – Read Your Advance Packet

Once you have scheduled a meeting, we will send you a printed copy of our Advance Material packet. To avoid conflicts or surprises, it is important that you thoroughly read the entire packet and ask any question that you might have. The Advance Material packet provides information for pastors and churches when getting ready for revival meetings and is designed to help prepare for a week of services. More importantly, it is to build faith for revival in the local church.

In the Advance Material packet, you will find important information concerning our team’s daily schedule, lodging needs, meals, music, and details about our very large fifth-wheel trailer. My desire is that the packet will help us both be prepared. This online section is only meant to supplement what your packet communicates.

Step No. 2 – Fill Out the Reply Form & Order Promotional Material

Reply Form

Please completely fill out this form once you have read your Advance Material packet.

Have you completely read your Advance Material packet?

1. Do you have a 50 amp hook up?

2. Would you like Brother Miller to speak for a combined Sunday School?

3. Would you like Mrs. Miller to conduct Kid’s Club starting on Monday?

4. Would you allow us to set up a book table?

5. Would you like our Team to provide special music?

6. Would you like our Team to provide offertories?

7. Would you like our Team to provide the song leader for the congregational singing?

8. Would you like our Team to provide the pianist for the congregational singing?

9. Will you be able to provide separate lodging for our male and female team members?

10. Are you interested in ordering printed material from Faith for Revival to help promote your meetings?

Promotional Material

We are pleased to offer you high-quality promotional material that you can effectively use to promote your upcoming revival services in your church and in your community. We offer two different design options that can be customized to feature your specific contact information, location, and service times. You can quickly choose one of our cost-efficient Promotion Bundles or build you own.

Two Designs to Choose From

“Are You Thirsty?”

Are You Thirsty? (alt)

“Revival Services”


Choose your design and customize your posters and invitation cards during the ordering process.

Promo Bundle No. 1

$50per bundle
  • 500 Invitation Cards
  • 2 Posters

Promo Bundle No. 2

$75per bundle
  • 1,000 Invitation Cards
  • 3 Posters
  • 50 FREE Church Flyer Sets

Promo Bundle No. 3

$100per bundle
  • 1,500 Invitation Cards
  • 5 Poster
  • 100 FREE Church Flyer Sets

Build Your Own Bundle

  • Posters
    $1.00 each
  • Invitation Cards
    $0.09 each
  • Church Flyer Sets
    $0.60 each

Step No. 3 – Pray for & Promote the Meetings

Please use the information and tips in the Advance Packet that you received in the mail. This online section will provide some additional resources to help with prayer meetings and promotional materials.


Revival Prayer Meeting

We would like to encourage you to have a prescheduled, prayer meeting with your church to specifically pray for your upcoming revival services. Below is a list of needs we would ask that you focus on during your prayer meeting. You can download and print a PDF vision of this list to pass out to your members. We also offer a slide of the Prayer Meeting List for you to download and project on your screens.

1. Confess your own sin.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

2. Pray for your own heart to be prepared and soft to receive God’s Word.

Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.

3. Pray for the church.

For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, that he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man; that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; and to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God. Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.


•Truly to have revival where it would be evident that Christ is living in each one.

•That each one would be filled with the Spirit.

•That each would experience Christ’s love toward others.

•That God would answer our request in a larger way than we ask.

4. Pray for the Evangelist.

And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.


•That each message would be exactly what God wants.

•That he would be filled with the Spirit.

5. Pray for believers as we reach the lost.

6. Pray BIG prayers to an almighty God!

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.
Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,


Supplemental Material

We encourage you to use any of our free supplemental material to help promote your revival services.

Special Nights For Revival Meetings!

Special nights can help in the attendance of the revival. Their purpose is to motivate people to attend the meeting who, if not for the special emphasis that night, might not have attended. The Host and Hostess Program, Free Week At Camp, Carry the Load Campaign, and The VIP Program are very involved, and I would suggest just incorporating one of these for the entire revival. These others could be used as a special emphasis for each night.

Sunday School Night

Find the averages of each Sunday School class for the last month. Challenge each teacher to invite out on Monday night their class average or better. This should be promoted several weeks ahead of time and the Evangelist should go around to the Sunday School classes on Sunday and personally challenge each class. Prizes should be given to the winning classes. On Monday night have the classes sit together in the service, maybe with a sign that has their class name on it. Monday night is usually the lowest in attendance during a revival. This contest will get folks out on Monday night. A good Monday night crowd will set the standard for the rest of the week.

Bill Rice Ranch Night

The Ranch is a unique ministry that is for both deaf and hearing. Usually show a film about the Ranch and give a short presentation.

This night is dedicated totally to the family. The message will be geared directly to families. Possibly a good book on the family could be awarded to the family that brings the most relatives.
A visitor would be someone who has not yet been to the meeting that week. The individual who brings the most visitors wins a prize. A person may not come to the preaching, but he will come to help his buddy win a prize. Certain rules would need to be set up.
This can be the most well attended night of the week if planned properly. With this in mind, and the fact of not having to deal with school the next morning, I would suggest using it on Friday evening. There are a couple of ways to plan the night. If there is a Christian School at the church, have every class try to have their class number in attendance to win a prize. A great idea would be a special pizza party the following week. Parents and other invited guests can count for the kids’ class. The second way and the most effective would be to have the school choir sing and band play. The only way to have this be successful is to have required attendance for the evening. Plan a high school choir and a separate elementary choir. They can practice throughout the week of the revival. Having chapels throughout the week can aid in the excitement of promoting this. However, this needs to be planned and announced a few of weeks before the revival is scheduled.
“When Silence Speaks” is a unique film about a deaf man and how he comes to know Christ as his Savior. The purpose of the film is not for entertainment, but is purely evangelistic. This film will work in reaching people for Christ. The film also presents a very convicting call to Christians for soul winning.
Bring a work partner or friend from work with you to the revival.
The Pharisees asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?” and the Lord responded with the parable of the good Samaritan. We need to train our people to go after their neighbors! This would be a good night to focus on those who live around us.
This is a good application of an old Sunday School contest idea. Give a prize to the car bringing the most people to the revival. A lot of fun can be had with this idea.
Invite all the elected officials of your community for recognition, and appreciation. This is a good “PR” tool for your ministry.
Many of your men love to hunt, fish, and participate in many other great outdoor sports. Offer a prize of fishing tackle, hunting supplies, or sports wear to the one who brings the most guests. Have them really zero in on their unsaved friends from their fishing, hunting, or sportsman acquaintances. Contact your local gun clubs, conservation groups, etc. for exposure on Sportsman Night.
If your church conducts an Awana program or some other type of weekly children’s ministry, it could be helpful to highlight that one night. If worked properly, this could be a great way to get unsaved parents out to hear the gospel. This would be a great time to honor the workers who minister in these programs.
One evening could be set aside to help reach the teens of your community. Have a pizza party planned for the fellowship time preceding the service. All week long the young people can give out free tickets to the pizza party.
When Matthew (Levi) was saved, the first thing we see him doing is inviting Jesus to eat a meal with his friends. He successfully used a meal to introduce his friends to the Savior. Set aside one night when you challenge the entire church to have “dinner guests” out to the service. You could give a gift certificate, or grocery voucher to the couple who has the most visitors out that night.
This clever play on words (not my own idea) provides a good excuse for the congregation to fellowship briefly after the Monday night’s service. This is a good opportunity for your people to get acquainted with the visitors who are present that evening. As you know, Monday can be a difficult evening to get the crowd out. The fellowship will help. The family who brings the most visitors can be treated to a special “Super-duper” banana split at the fellowship.
More and more churches are developing ministries to reach the senior citizens in their community. There are probably senior citizen groups of various kinds already active in your area. Get to know the sponsors and leaders to encourage them to come out to the revival. Have a special time of honoring the elderly of your community, and give out certificates of appreciation to workers with the elderly. If your church has an active senior group, put them in the spotlight for the night. If you plan ahead and work with them they will come, even though they don’t normally “go out after dark.”
One of the most fruitful nights to emphasize is one that mobilizes your people to bring in their own relatives. How exciting to see all the family reunions taking place all over the auditorium. A family Bible, a pictorial family tree, or another gift concerning the family would make great gifts.

Free Week At Camp

A great boost for attendance would be a contest among your young people to win a free week at Christian Camp this summer. In those churches where the youth group has consistently gone to camp there are precious memories of the fun, fellowship, and spiritual growth connected with their week at camp. This gives a guilt-in incentive for the young people to get excited about a contest where they can go to camp free. There’s no reason any young person should use finances as an excuse for not planning to camp this summer. If they don’t have money, they can work hard during the revival and win a week at camp! Here are some helpful suggestions:

  1. Several weeks prior to the revival start publicizing the plans for this summer’s camping program. Have a bulletin board display of camp promotional material. If you have pictures from last year’s camp you could put them on display to remind them of those special memories. If you have a video of camp activities, have an afterglow and show them the video. Teens love to see themselves in action!
  2. Have testimonies from those whose lives were greatly influenced at camp. Seek to create a spirit of great anticipation about camp.
  3. Announce that in conjunction with the up-coming revival meeting they will have the opportunity to win a free week at camp. If you can afford to give away more than one free week, it will generate even more excitement! The more winners you have, the more participation you will have.
  4. The purpose of the contest is to get visitors out for the revival meeting. Points are only earned by bringing visitors. Use the visitors’ cards as your official record for keeping track of points.
  5. Set a minimum before the teen can qualify for the contest. Usually a minimum of five works best. Announce this early so the young people know they have to work!
  6. In the Sunday morning service at the beginning of the revival, announce as a surprise development in the contest that a visitor will be anyone who is not present in that service. This will throw the contest wide open so that anyone has a legitimate chance to win if they’ll just try. One side benefit for you, Pastor, is that by making anyone not present in that first service a visitor, the teens will do the “nagging” of those who should be there but are not. Once those easier contact are all used up, they will begin to get more real contacts for the church.
  7. Parents, family, and friends can work with a teen helping them invite. However, the visitor must put that teen’s name on the visitor card for them to receive credit. There should be no inviting on the church property.
  8. At each service when it is time to recognize visitors, be sure and ask, “How many are here for the first time in these revival meetings?” Give visitor’s cards to all of them. That is necessary if proper credit is to be given to the teens. You will have a lot of unnecessary cards filled out on people you already know. But this way, you will be sure and have cards on the first time visitors.
  9. Announce the standing at each evening service. This will keep momentum going in the contest. Winners should be presented at the concluding service.

The Host and Hostess Program

Several weeks in advance of the meetings select key couples from the congregation to serve as Hosts and Hostesses. Their services will only be required during one evening of the week. If you congregation is larger, you may want to increase the number of couples working each evening. It is best in most churches to have two or three couples working each night. Let them know ahead of time which night they will be responsible to help get out the crowd. Announce the workers from the pulpit so everyone will know who is supposed to be working.

On Sunday evening, at the close of the service, have the Monday night couples stand. Then, announce that immediately after the closing prayer it is “open season” on everyone that is present. They are to try to invite everyone to come back for the next evening’s service. This helps insure that the same folks who are there will be out the next night for the revival meetings. After they have invited everyone there on the premises, they have the rest of the evening, and the next day to invite their friends to join them for the next night’s service. When worked properly, this will produce a growing attendance all week long.

The same procedure is repeated each evening with a count being taken of how many each couple, or team, have present in the service. At the end of the week, give a prize to the couple who brought out the most people.

Some Practical Hints

  1. Recruit the couples early and have a meeting with them to help them to do an effective job for the Lord.
  2. Organize the couples into prayer groups to pray for the meetings.
  3. Obtain Host and Hostess badges to be worn by the couples.
  4. Make the prize something that will be thoughtful for the couples who are doing the work.

The VIP Program

As everyone know, VIP stands for Very Important Person. When it comes to getting visitors out to your church, they really are important! The VIP Program is a contest that everyone in your church can participate in. You’ll want to secure prizes that will appeal to all ages.

Prior to the week of meetings, inform the people that a contest will be help to help increase attendance at the upcoming revival meetings. The prizes you offer will go a long way toward getting your people involved.

In a prominent place in the church foyer, display the following list that indicates the point values for those individuals who will be guests at the meetings:

(These point values are only suggested. Feel free to change them as you think best.)

Close Contacts: 10,000 points each
(Immediate relatives, next door neighbors, life long friends, best friends, i.e., those whom we have a close relationship with)

Co-Worker Contacts: 9,000 points each
(Those we work with, those we are in business with, those who we go to school with)

Community Contacts: 7,000 points each
(Local, County, State, or Federal officials, all official community leaders)

Casual Contacts: 7,000 points each
(Local business men or women, those we buy from, sell to, or trade with, doctors, attorneys, grocery store workers, farm service workers, delivery men, house repair men, anyone with whom we come in contact with on an infrequent or casual level)

As people bring their visitors to the services, they are responsible to keep track of their own points. Everyone is on the “honor system” in this contest. Perhaps it would expedite the process if a card could be printed that would allow the people to conveniently report on their points. You don’t want the contest to rob the service of a lot of time. A good idea would be to have everyone who brought a visitor stand with their visitors at one time. This would give everyone a sense of how the congregation is working. Be sure you get a visitor’s card filled out on everyone. Announce the contest standings each evening. This can be great fun for everyone, and a good learning experience for your people in the matter of inviting guests to the cervices of your church. Let’s trust that it will be the start of a good habit!

Carry the Load Campaign

This is a simple adaptation of an old tried and true Sunday School campaign. For each evening of the revival meeting assign one area of your church the responsibility of “carrying the load” for that night. There are several ways to divide:

  1. You could use your Sunday School by assigning a class or department to be responsible for one night each.
  2. If your church has a multi-faceted ministry you could assign the workers in various ministries to be responsible for one night each. For example: Sunday School Night, Bus Ministry Night, Awana Night, Youth Night, Christian School Night, Visitation Night, Choir Night, Ushers Night, Etc….
  3. You could pin point various individuals, or groups of individuals to work one night each. For example: Deacon’s Night, Trustee’s Night, Christian School Staff Night, Sunday School Teacher’s Night, Youth Sponsor’s Night, Usher’s Night, Deaconess’ Night, Etc….

Great care should be given to make every effort to spread the burden as fairly as possible. It will always result in some overlapping of workers, but don’t run them into the ground. The purpose of this campaign is to get everyone possible involved, not to over work few! If this is handled in a thoughtless manner, you will only discourage your people in the long run.


  1. Several weeks before the revival assign the night and give out the individual responsibilities.
  2. Have planing sessions with each group and help them get organized.
  3. Offer group incentives and individual incentives for those who bring out the most visitors.*Keep a tally of total attendance for each evening. *Keep a tally of first time visitors for each evening. *Keep a tally of individual points for each evening.
  4. Call to the platform the workers who will be responsible for the next evening’s attendance. Introduce them, and explain what they will be trying to do for the next night. Announce the standings thus far in the contest so everyone will sense the challenge.
  5. At the conclusion of the service announce that the workers for the next night can be inviting following the closing prayer.